When it comes to summertime, there are few feelings better than firing up the grill. The sun is shining, you’re surrounded by friends and family, and life is good!

But for everyone’s safety, you should make sure you’re not making common grilling blunders. In this blog post, we’re sharing typical grilling mistakes and how you can avoid them, in order to make your next barbeque a huge success!

Common grilling mistakes

Before getting the grill out, read through these grilling mistakes to make sure everyone is staying safe and healthy while grilling.

Cross contamination

Just because you’re grilling outdoors doesn’t mean food safety can be forgotten! To avoid food poisoning, it’s important to avoid mixing raw and cooked foods. When this happens, it can result in cross contamination.

Fortunately, Quick ‘N Eat patties are fully cooked, so you don’t ever have to worry about consuming raw meat … ever!

Not using tongs and turners

Slicing, dicing, and puncturing meat all results in a dry final result … and no one wants to eat dry meat! Juices are lost every time you puncture meat, and this happens when you use prongs and forks to turn the meat.


While taking raw meat straight from the freezer or refrigerator to the grill can go awry, you just need the right brand to make it work. Because the fact is that sometimes, you just don’t have time to let raw meat thaw! That’s where Quick ‘N Eat comes in. Our patties are ultra convenient and can be taken straight out of the freezer or cooler and go straight on to the grill or microwave!

Incorrect grilling method

Gas and charcoal are popular grilling methods, and it’s important to know the difference between the two! Gas is easier to work with, but those who love a crispy flavor to their meat may be disappointed by the lack of crispiness. That’s because gas grills steam more than they smoke.

Meanwhile, charcoal grills are a little more finicky and can have more flame flare ups, but yield a richer, smokier meat flavor. Before purchasing your grill, think through how much time and effort you want to put into grilling to determine which option is best for you.


Undercooking meat

A lot of people go by the “look” of meat to try and determine when it’s finished, but this is a mistake. Just because meat looks cooked on the outside doesn’t mean the center is finished! Don’t go by smell or feel.


Solution: Quick ‘N Eat patties

Having to form raw burger patties takes time, not to mention the fact that it causes a big mess. If you’re looking for a catch all solution to all of the issues with raw meat listed above, give Quick ‘N Eat a try!

If you’re short on time or a grilling beginner worried about the safety and quality of your meat, Quick ‘N Eat has got your back! 3 mouthwatering patty choices are pre grilled to perfection so you don’t have to think twice about foodborne illness … without ever sacrificing flavor. For those seeking minimally-processed, low carb options (or are on keto), Quick ‘N Eat patties fit the bill.

Our 3 oz angus beef patties are perfect for the kiddos or picky eaters. With just 5 ingredients, the 3 oz patty is flavorful and juicy while remaining simple.

The 4 oz angus beef patty is a little heftier than the 3 oz without sacrificing on quality one little bit! Maybe you’re grilling for the children and their sports team after a game. Or firing up the grill for an afternoon pool party, or evening bonfire. This is an excellent choice if you’re grilling for a crew who has a hearty appetite!

And finally, our angus beef, cheese, and uncured bacon patties save you the hassle of having to buy cheese and bacon as a topping … they’re right inside the patty for delicious flavor. Cut down on the guesswork and pick up these patties if you want to keep “extra” ingredients and difficulty to a minimum!



Get ready to start the grill with confidence this summer using these grilling tips and tricks! If you’re looking for some recipe ideas to get you started, here are a couple of our favorites: